Buyer Persona and Buyer's Journey: what are we talking about?

The buyer persona and the buyer's journey are the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, the process through which the user is reaching out to the company and not the other way around (as it happens in the Outbound Marketing, where the company is contacting the customer through cold calls, push actions, etc.).

To plan the right communication and marketing strategy is essential to define the profile of our ideal customer, precisely, the buyer persona. We need to build on realistic facts the profile of the customer we want to attract, analysing his behaviours in order to create customized content, tailored to his needs.

The buyer's journey is the process that the customer does from the first contact with the company until his decision whether to buy or not to buy.
To succeed on communication channels, companies need to deepen this process. The goal is to create targeted content and to distribute them at the right time.

The Buyer's Journey takes place in three stages:


The buyer persona and the buyer's journey are the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing Methodology


The user is aware of having a problem or a need. He searches on the web information about what he needs or he would like to buy.  The consumer reads reviews, compares products, looks for material information, participates in online forums.
Strategy to Apply >>> Our salesman's task is to identify and anticipate the user's needs by defining the profile of the Buyer Persona. Write blog posts, social postings, guides and ebooks. We can't be sure that after reading our sources the consumer will buy our brand, but if he finds them interesting it is likely that he will.


After the research stage, the user has identified the product and considers whether to buy it or not. He evaluates whether it is the right one for him or not. In this phase, the consumer visits the corporate site, the product page together with the about page of the company.
Strategy to Apply >>> use the consumer behaviour analysis on your site to send educational content to the products he has shown more interest.
Communicate to the user why your solutions are the best and the reasons your products are the most suitable for his needs.
At this stage, it is important to build a trust relationship between the company and your audience.


On the last phase, the consumer has decided to make the purchase.
The user visits the product page to check the price, visits the contact page and the customer service page too.
The client, probably, evaluates alternatives, compiles a list of pros and cons.
Strategy to Apply >>> communicate to the customer all the benefits of your product. It is crucial to show him that making a purchase and becoming your customer is the right choice!

How to identify what stage of the Buyer's Journey your visitors are in

In order to distinguish the various stages of the buyer's journey, you need to segment the traffic of your website by creating a sales funnel.
By analyzing all the information collected on your visitors, it will be easier to recognize at what stage of purchase they are in and use this information during the sales process.
To bring credibility and trust to your company, the most effective actions to be taken are:
- adapt both content and approach to consumers based on collected data
- deliver personalised emails tailored to individual customer needs
- send educational and informative documents through marketing communication channels