Just when you thought you were beating the mystery behind Instagram algorithm, it changes again!
Let's get prepared for the Instagram algorithm 2018 edition, new changes expected from this January.

Instagram is definitely among the most popular social network to promote brands and grow brand awareness, especially in the tourism, fashion and food industry.

Instagram Algorithm 2018 Edition from sabidanna.com

It's used more and more often in marketing strategies from small to large companies, bloggers, digital nomads, celebrities. For all those who, for work or for passion, use Instagram is always good to be updated and prepared on the new dynamics of this social network.

What to Expect from the Instagram Algorithm 2018 Edition

Being updated on the Instagram algorithm is very difficult because its dynamics are not always shared on the Instagram blog, but you can find them in some folders of its help center or by studies carried out by experts.

To ensure largest visibility to your posts, let's see together what you can expect from the Instagram algorithm 2018 edition.


  • When you post something on Instagram, it will only show up to 10% of your audience. If the post is immediately successful, then it will be shown to the remaining 90% of your followers.


  • Rumors say that business accounts have more visibility for promoting companies, brands, blogs, etc. Also with the Instagram business account is easier to check statistics that are useful for the growth of your company.
  • Videos will increase your visibility. We've already experienced this trend in the last period of 2017, more and more brands and influencers have incorporated videos in their marketing strategy.


  • Organic traffic is getting harder to get, sponsored post are the answer, especially for business purposes.


  • Since last year, Instagram algorithm has been rewarding accounts engaging in a genuine and organic way. While accounts using bots and pods have been penalised. The new Instagram algorythm 2018 edition will give higher exposure to posts that receive comments of 4 words or more (emoji not included). Spammy comments as "beautiful!", "top", "love it!", "nice!", "great pic! " will not count as engagement.
    In 2017 many pofiles were shadow banned due to several reasons: use of pods to increase followers and to boost engagement, comments received from bots or fake profiles. The banned profiles were not longer visible and their photos didn't appear among the hashtags used in their posts.
  • Instagram begins to limit or reward your visibility based on your engagement with your audience. In fact, to increase your post's visibility, it's suggested to answer to comments received on the new post within the first 60 minutes. Otherwise its visibility will progressively decrease.


Chosing the right image or video is crucial, but writing the right caption is important too. Here are some tips to avoid penalization:

  • It seems that people are having better results with only 5 hashtags, even if the limit number is 30.
  • Hashtags should be included in the body of the caption and not listed as a comment, because they'll be not longer displayed under the search result.

Instagram Algorithm in 2018 from sabidanna.com

  • Don't always use the same hashtags, otherwise you risk being seen as a bot or spam and so shadow banned. To appear under the search result it's suggested to choose popular hashtags. But pay attention not to pick those too popular otherwise you'll be immediately replaced by new posts shared by millions of users.
  • Don't edit the caption during the first 24 hours after sharing the post. It reduces its visibility.
  • For the same reason if you delete a post, don't repost it.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Algorithm 2018 Edition

  • Square's social media leader, Nick Domincio, predicts that Instagram stories will be the new Instagram. It's easy to understand how Stories on Instagram are a source of visibility. It's important to use them as much as possible. Take your time to chose the right topic, image or video to share. Make an effort to look professional.
    Instagram launched Stories in 2016, since then have been evolving until the arrival of the Instagram Stories Highlights (permanent collections of Instagram stories). It's crucial to understand what capture your audience's attenction. Give them the right motivation to follow you and check your stories daily.

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New Features

From now on you'll be able to follow hashtags, rumors say that this is another way to be favored by Instagram algorithm 2018 edition.

Another feature is that you can share stories on WhatsApp, where these will be published as status, the term changes but the dynamic is the same!